Stressless Inspired Comfort

Inspired Comfort.

The moment you sit in a Stressless, you instantly realize - not all comfort is created equal. Comfort exists in varying degrees, with Stressless residing at the very highest end of the seating spectrum. And although there are many reasons for this, they all circle back to the same thing – how we view the relationship between the body and our seating. To us, they can’t be considered as two separate entities. Instead, we believe that they should flow, fit and move together as one. That’s what inspires us to chase highly complex endeavors like inventing comfort technologies not found in any other seating, or to accomplish very simple undertakings like offering 3 distinct sizing options with every recliner that we make. To our customers, comfort is a feeling. But to Stressless, it’s an imperfect science that we spend each day trying to perfect.